• File Requirement

    Basic Version

    • Customer only needs to provide 1:1 measurement, 100-150dpi, CMYK color eps/tiff/jpeg file.

    • DO NOT use Office software or paint software

    • DO NOT use pictures downloaded from the internet as there will be a chance that it may not be clear or picture might be pixilated.

    • Recommended to consult a professional designer to handle the artwork, ensuring the artwork will meet the requirements.

    Advance Version

    • Customers can choose to use common photo editing software (e.g. Al, Corel Draw, Freehand), to produce the required measurement, example if the measurements are too large, artwork can be shrink to proportion and after finishing the design please create outline for the text.

    • After checking through the artwork save the file in eps format, use Photoshop to open the required 1:1 measurement and design resolution (commonly 100-150dpi, depending on the different items). Select the CMYK color settings and enlarge the artwork till 100% for viewing, ensure every part of the artwork is clear with no mistakes and lastly please save as tiff or jpeg format.

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